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An endless runner style game where you play as two aliens each controlling one color component of your shield. Both aliens must work together to manipulate their combined color to match the oncoming lasers to pass safely. If you don't make a match, you lose a life. Three lives and it's game over!

Keyboard play lets you have the added challenge of controlling both aliens simultaneously, or you can share the challenge with a friend. Two lane mode lets you team up against another pair of aliens to see who can outlast the longest!


Fast paced, casual competition

Crazy color matching action!

6 Strange and adorable player characters

Controller and keyboard support

Authentic chiptunes to set the tone for old school arcade-style fun

Love to hate it

Do you like your friends too much? Do you ever find yourselves matching colors together all too often? Well this game will change all that for you! Never again agree on color combos and best of all blame everyone else in the room when you smash face first into a laser beam.

Made With Love

Hungry Dog Games

Sam Luo


John McWaggy


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AlienEvaders.tar 281 MB
OSX Zip 81 MB


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It's fun and also confusing. I got up to 84. I made a video with the record. :)

Haha wow this is awesome! I loved watching your vid XD So much fun to watch someone else having fun with our content. 84 is impressive! Leaderboards was in our stretch goals but unfortunately we just didn't get there :(

You caught a few bugs we missed during our testing period! We're going to address those and put out an update. Thanks! One of the bugs we addressed you will probably find rebalances the laser spawn rate in the early levels.

For the tutorial, we're going to make a gameplay tweak that makes it appear only the first time you play, but in the mean time you can turn it off in options.

Thanks for sharing your lets play experience!

hey. I'm glad you liked the video. When is the update coming? Cause I think I can go to 100. If my brain doesn't implode due to color confusion. :)

We just pushed an update last night actually! The downloads are all up to date. Hopefully you break that 100 wall, I know you can do it!